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October 28,  2015

It’s that time of year when we professional drivers have to start looking and preparing for ice on the roads. As the temperatures start dropping, the risks of being out on the roads and experiencing slick/icy conditions drastically go up. In these conditions, the likelihood of losing traction and being involved in a loss of control crash can be greatly reduced if you make the proper preparations before your trip. ALWAYS maintain a MINIMUM six second following distance. Remember, at 55mph it takes 300 feet to stop an 80,000 pounds truck on DRY pavement, so in icy conditions, it can take well over 600 feet! Trip plan. Be aware of the weather conditions. Look at the weather forecast in advance for where your trip will take you and adjust your trip start time accordingly to prevent yourself from feeling the need to rush. SLOW AND STEADY! Make sure you are doing proper pre trip inspections. Pay special attention to tires, steering mechanisms and brakes. Remember, if you do lose traction and find yourself in a skid, cut all power from your drive wheels by disengaging the clutch (pushing the clutch pedal to the floor) and steer into the skid. Bridges ice before roadways, so ALWAYS proceed with caution when approaching a bridge or underpass.

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