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March 9,  2017

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! This time of year brings out many new hazards on the streets and highways. Some of these hazards are obvious, some are not. FARM VEHICLES • Watch for farm vehicles, especially on two-lane roads. • Keep in mind farm vehicles are ALWAYS slow-moving, so ALWAYS reduce speed. • Be aware that many farm vehicles do not have turn signals, and even if they do, they may not be used. • Be prepared for erratic or sudden turns or stops, especially into farm fields or driveways. • Give them room - farmers work very long hours and they may not be thinking of their safety or yours. PEDESTRIANS & JOGGERS • Watch for pedestrians and joggers and don’t be afraid to sound your horn to let them know you are there. BICYCLES & MOTORCYCLES • Look carefully - visibility of these vehicles can be a hazard. • Keep a close eye on motorcycles; let them get around you easily. They are fast-moving and can be in and out of blind spots in a matter of seconds. • Slow down and give bicycles the courtesy of sharing the highways. CHILDREN • Watch for children playing - kids will be playing outside now instead of inside. • Be extra careful just before and immediately following school hours. • Slow down if you see kids playing - they can make a fatal mistake at any time. TREES ARE BLOOMING What does this have to do with safe driving? Trees that were once transparent now have leaves on them and present a visibility hazard, especially at corners and intersections. ROAD CONSTRUCTION • Slow down - speed is the primary cause of accidents at construction sites. • Prepare for stop and go traffic - rear-end accidents account for most accidents in the construction areas. • Be aware of the space in front of you - look two to four vehicles ahead, and give yourself adequate following distance (six seconds, not two or three semi lengths). • Plan ahead for poor or uneven road conditions. • Be mindful of construction workers and their safety. • Observe changed conditions. • Watch for potholes, soft shoulders, and loose gravel on curves and intersections. SPRING DRIVING IS DANGEROUS BECAUSE OF: • more traffic on the roads • unforeseen hazards such as: »» fog or heavy rain »» heavy traffic conditions »» road construction »» slow-moving vehicles now on the roadways »» pedestrians along the roads • increased daylight hours which can fool your body into working longer hours without adequate rest • brightness of the sunlight - good sunglasses can ease the eye strain One of the biggest problems can be improper following distance. Give yourself a full 6 seconds or more between you and the vehicle ahead of you. If traffic is heavy, just maintain a slower average speed and you will always be building your following distance. DRIVE SAFELY - THE LIFE YOU SAVE COULD BE YOURS OR YOUR LOVED ONES! DON’T LET SOMEONE ELSE’S MISTAKE BECOME YOURS!

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